Brian Corley May 2016 speaker

Todd Wilcox April 2016 Speaker

Pastor Mark Warren March 2016 Speaker

February 2016 Speaker

Loren Spivack January 2016 Speaker

October 2013 Members Meeting

October 2013 Members Meeting with Denis Murray

October 2013 Members Meeting

Gus Billirakis August 19, 2013

John Legg September 2013

Rosey Paulsen August 2013

David Miller Common Core September 2013

L to R  Candidates for City Council of Zephyrhills
Lance Smith running against Manny Funes,
Manny Funes, Ken Compton running against Rose Hale

L to R  Candidates for City Council of Zephyrhills
Charlie Proctor (unopposed) and Rose Hale
running against Ken Compton

L to R  All City Council Candidate Speakers at our March meeting
Lance Smith, Manny Funes, Ken Compton, VP Bob Solmonson standing (not a candidate)
Charlie Proctor, Rose Hale

The Clubs March meeting brought in many local residents and members to hear the candidates

Conservative members attending National Day of Prayer, May 3, at the Trinity Church of Wesley Chapel hosed by Shoresh David Messianic Congregation

Conservative club attending
Glen Beck's Rally simulcast

Members attending CPAC
conference in Orlando

Teens for Conservatism

9/11 celebration at Zephyr Park

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